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I think I know

I think God is saying no. I'm really struggling because I think God is clearly saying no. What a catastrophic drag. God, why can't you make this work? Why won't you make this work? At this point it doesn't feel like a matter of trusting you. It feels like. Sounds like you're saying no. I understand no for now. Or something. I trust that you have something in store for me. I've submitted to you and I will continue to submit. Lord I will listen to you and let go, but it is my prayer that you will redeem her. I will pray with fervor and boldness. Please unfold your plan as you see fit, I will not dissent. I will not disobey. Lord please redeem her. Thank you for taking me this far. I will follow wherever you lead. Please redeem her Lord. Draw her to you. Give her eyes to see and ears to hear, Lord. I believe you are a God of miracles. You've never left me. That is a miracle. Please redeem her Lord. Please draw her to you. She has done so much for me Lord. Please Lord. I will repeat this prayer Lord. I will obey you Lord. Thank you for hearing my prayers Lord.

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